How to Get Rich Snippets on Google SERP

How to Get Rich Snippets on Google SERP

Google rich snippets are a special kind of search result that can give your website an edge in the SERPs. How to get it for your website?

How to Get Rich Snippets on Google SERP – Google rich snippets are a special kind of search result that can give your website an edge in the SERPs.

Unlike regular search results, which only show a title and a brief description, rich snippets can include additional information like reviews, ratings, and prices.

This extra information can help your site stand out from the competition and earn more clicks.

While there is no guarantee that your site will be selected for rich snippets, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances.

But before digging in, let’s start this article with the rich snippets fundamentals.

What are Rich Snippets?

When it comes to search engine optimization or SEO, rich snippets are one of the hottest topics.

So what are rich snippets?

Rich snippets are a type of structured data that can be added to a website to give search engines more information about your content, also part of the top SEO hacks. This can include things like the star ratings for reviews, video snippet, or the FAQs section of your landing page.

faq rich snippet google serp

Rich snippets can be a great way to improve your click-through rate (CTR) from the search engine results pages (SERPs), as they make your listing stand out from the rest.

Adding rich snippets to your website is relatively easy, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, you need to make sure that your structured data is formatted correctly.

Second, you need to choose the right rich snippet for your content.

Third, you need to validate whether your web page that contains the structured data is valid or not (and how to validate it).

How to Get Rich Snippets for Your Website

You can easily create a valid structured data for you webpage with our Schema Markup Generator tool, one of our best and free SEO tools.

Try Our Schema Markup Generator

As for now, there are 12 schema types you can generate easily using our Schema Markup Generator tool, which are supported by Google.

More supported schema types will be added regularly.

Once you pick the most suitable schema type(s) for your webpage, just click it from the dropdown menu and fill in the required forms.

The JSON-LD code will be generated automatically.

Once done, you can then test the JSON-LD code on Google’s Rich Results Testing tool.

The tool will briefly analyze the JSON-LD code and tell you whether it’s valid or not, and if not, it tells you how to fix it.

You can even add the schema’s JSON-LD code in the <head> section of your webpage and then test the entire HTML code of your webpage.

Here’s an example of the schema markup’s JSON-LD code for website sitelinks search box:

[gist gistid=”612a331f1d14c078ec8a2fb61fd14e11″]

If you’re using our Video Schema Markup Generator tool, this would be the example of JSON-LD code:

[gist gistid=”10f59266464c5f336e48cf2286d6bd13″]

The Video Schema Markup Generator tool will automatically fetch the video information or data required for video schema markup from any given Youtube video URL.

Try Video Schema Markup Generator

You can find the complete list of schema types on site.

To find the only schema types that Google supports, you can visit the Search Gallery and Rich Results.

What are the Benefits of Rich Snippets?

If you’re looking to take your website to the next level, you may be wondering how rich snippets can benefit your website or business.

Rich snippets are a type of structured data that can be added to your website to give search engines more information about your content. Logically, more information a webpage provides to search engines such as Google, the better it understands how your webpage is all about.

Adding rich snippets to your website can help improve your click-through rate and organic traffic. It can also help you stand out from the competition.

For example, if users find a search result that has star ratings with additional information about pricing like the image below, they will like click that result because it stands out than the other webpages, even if its position is below them:

Google SERP ratings

Though many SEOs argue that rich snippets schema markup will not directly improve your SEO rankings, but it will still help search engines understand your webpage better and provide greater CTR.

If you’re ready to take advantage of rich snippets, here are a few things you need to do:

  1. Make sure your website or a webpage is using proper markup language.
  2. Add the required schema markup for each page on your site, or a specific schema markup code to a webpage that needs it.
  3. Test your code with Google’s Structured Data Testing tool.
  4. Monitor your pages after publishing. Keep in mind that Google can take some time to index and show your rich snippets. You may not see an immediate boost in traffic, but over time you should start to notice an increase.

For WordPress-based websites, you can use plugins like Yoast SEO or Rank Math to immediately create a basic schema markup for an entire site.

For specific results, you can also use plugins such as Schema or Markup (JSON-LD) structured in

If you don’t like plugins like us, you can generate a required structured data markup using our Schema Markup Generator tool, and then insert the generated code into the <head> section of your webpage.

Monitor Your Schema Markup Rich Snippets

After implementing the required structured data code into your webpage, it will take some times for search engines to show it on the search results pages (only if your page is eligible for rich results).

Monitor Rich Snippets with Google Search Console

For instance, you can monitor the schema markup rich snippets on Google Search Console:

Google Search Console Rich Snippets

On the Enhancements section on the left side, you can view each rich results enhancements your webpages possess.

If you click each one of the submenu (e.g. Guided recipes), it will give you more info regarding which page contains that specific Guided recipes rich results.

Google Search Console will also tell you the status, whether your webpage is valid or eligible for rich results or need to fix (and what to fix).

Guided Recipes Google Search Console Rich Results

To improve the rich results appearance on Google SERP, you need to fix and revalidate each page with error or invalid structured markup.

Monitor Rich Snippets with Semrush

Semrush is the finest SEO tool out there, and we always recommend it to our readers and clients.

Here at SEO Expert, we regularly use Semrush for anything related to SEO to boost our own site organic traffics or clients’, so it’s worth mentioned that Semrush also provides a feature to monitor rich snippets.

Semrush’s Site Audit tool lets you monitor the rich snippets on your site. It also provides insights on which pages that could get benefited from rich results.

To use the feature, login to your Semrush account or create a free account.


Semrush is a complete SEO tool to enhance your website's rich results on Google SERP.

Once you’re there, create a Project using your domain name. Semrush will display the dashboard. Select Set up under the Site Audit widget:

On Site Audit Settings popup modal, select the Limit of checked pages per audit and select Website as the Crawl source. You can also setup more configurations if required, then once done, click the Start Site Audit button.

Once the Site Audit completes, an Overview report will be shown:

Semrush Site Audit Schema Markup

Select the Markup report as shown above.

There, you can see a summary of Pages with Markup, Structured Data by Pages or Items, and a more detailed Structured Data Items report at the bottom.

On Structured Data Items widget, if there’s at least one page with invalid structured data, you can see the detailed report by clicking the View all invalid items button and then how to fix it to make it valid.

Markup report Semrush

On the list, you will find URLs with invalid markup, then click the button with tag button to the right to test your page in the Rich Results tool.

Using this tool, you can also view pages that could get benefited with rich results by looking for URLs with no markup label.

Important Note:

Also, it’s important to note that the Semrush’s Site Audit tool will only recognize these markup types:

Data item @type
Article NewsArticle or BlogPosting or Article
Book Book
Breadcrumb BreadcrumbList
Carousel ItemList
Course Course
COVID-19 announcements SpecialAnnouncement
Dataset Dataset
Employer Aggregate Rating Employer Aggregate Rating
Estimated salary MonetaryAmountDistribution
Event Event
Fact Check ClaimReview
Claim (soon)
Rating (soon)
How-to HowTo
Job posting JobPosting
Local Business LocalBusiness, including 148 specific types
Logo “@type”: “Organization”
and have field “logo”:
Movie Movie
Product Product
Q&A QAPage
Recipe Recipe
Review snippet Review
Sitelinks search box WebSite
with potentialAction: [{
@type: “SearchAction”
Software App SoftwareApplication
Video VideoObject
Critic Review Not supported
Image License Not supported
Job Training Not supported
Speakable Not supported

You can find more details here.

Asides for other SEO aspects, Semrush is a great way to find opportunities to maximize the use of structured data and get benefited from the use of rich results or rich snippets.


Find opportunities and ways to fix your structured markup to enhance your webpages for rich results with Semrush.

Wrapping Up

Rich snippets are proven to increase CTR, if not directly increase your SEO rankings. Yet, logically, the more information you provide search engines about your webpage using structured data markup, the more the search engines understand what your webpage is all about.

It can help your webpage ranks higher, but there’s no guarantee.

There are various ways to implement structured data markup on your entire website or on specific page only, both automatically and manually.

If you’re using WordPress, then you can make use of various WordPress plugins as mentioned before.

But if you only need a specific markup, you can automatically generate the JSON-LD code using our schema markup generator tool and then manually place the code into your webpage.

Then, use Google Search Console to monitor your rich results, and Semrush to find invalid markup and rich results opportunities.


Maximize your SEO efforts and boost your SEO ROI using the best SEO tool.

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